"Our goal is to bring our fans beautiful, quality products that encourage them to support their team and show their loyalty without sacrificing their own personal style. We value, respect and celebrate that each one of our customers has a unique personal style and strive to offer products that make her feel comfortable, confident and spirited on game day and beyond."

About Lauren Farrell

Lauren is a graduate of Lehigh University where she studied design and entrepreneurship. It was during her "Introduction to Entrepreneurship" course that she fell in love with the subject as it perfectly blended her passions for both business and creativity.

Another important aspect of Lauren’s college experience was her involvement with the Lehigh Men’s Lacrosse team where she managed the team for three years. Daily practice, 13-hour bus rides, karaoke sessions, prank phone calls, and illegally cheering in press boxes created some of the fondest memories and experiences of her life thus far.

After graduating in 2013, Lauren worked for Gucci where she supported the US Operations team and US President. The position provided an incredible learning opportunity and unforgettable experience, however in her heart; Lauren knew entrepreneurship was her true calling and she decided to pursue her venture full time.

A passion and love of innovation, fashion and sports has created the perfect combination for the LFNY brand. Products are designed to offer quality, functionality and of course the expression of team spirit, loyalty and support in the most fashionable way. 

The 151 Collection

This collection is named after a very special group of men and what we were able to accomplish together, more specifically the league record (15-1) that we set over two back-to-back seasons in which we became league champions.

The men of Lehigh Lacrosse are the epitome of a team and embody the selflessness, drive, determination and overall character that fosters true team spirit and ultimately creates champions. The beauty of teamwork is that you can put your differences aside, support one another and strive to reach your shared goals and accomplish your wildest dreams together. To all of my boys, thank you for the friendships, memories and inspiration.

Similarly, as fans, you all come together for games, put your differences aside and unite as you support your team, its players and your colors. You share the dream that they will achieve greatness and that you all can revel in the achievement together.

Whoever your team, whatever their colors, wear them with pride and enjoy the ride™.


Lauren Farrell NY-Interview from Terence Gordon on Vimeo.